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I HAVE IT I HAVE IT I HAVE IT!!! ^^ Whee, Joy, have been waiting a good month and a half for the moment I got this little lovely in my hands, BRAND. NEW. LIBS. *dances in glee* and it's so... good y'know, I'm not sure which I prefer- Up The Bracket or The Libertines, they're both so.. perfect *happy sigh* I'll admit that The Libertines is a kind of.. clearer sound, feels like a better recording, and the guys have matured a bit, it's definately different, I think it's a grower, and I'm QUITE willing to let it grow and grow and grow ^^ I
I'm skipping around tracks, listening to ones I haven't heard before, smiling at slight changes to ones I have. Forced mum to take me up to Virgin Records so I could buy it and very happily handed over my money to the.. desk guy, who smiled at me, and I swear, smirked at my awful black nail polish which I am now slowly chipping off :P

So now I have up the bracket, which I just.. love and The Libertines, which is just.. ah, refreshing and brilliant and which I can say "I got on teh very first day it was released" However.. now I'm getting this really strong urge to go out and buy it on Vinyl >>

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