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haircut.. prep.. dullard? yes.

This is mostly just for my sister's benefit; anyone who DOESN'T wanna have a shufty (Err... look.) at my new haircut (specifically; a new fringe) there is no need to look behind the cut... at all.

See now, I'm not too sure of it; I'm kind of.. hoping it will grow out fairly quickly as I believe it makes me look kinda.. goofy. still... my.. dad likes it (Apparently it makes me look "soft" and "cute") I think it makes me look kind of "scampish" perhaps a "loveable scamp" even. Have had a few "compliments" from "popular" people, which was.. .disarming. According to cordie shes "having a hard time liking it cos my old hair was so nice." which is a mixed compliment, I think :p

Am a little... worried(?) about the fact that I haven't done rather a lot of homework this term and assessments (like, mini-reports) are probably coming outsoon. *gulp*

Also; need to do some work on my art/take some picture for a few people who have expressed an interest in seeing what I'm working on (lunatics!!)

Anyway.. in closing; I am wearing no makeup in the above pictures and am inexperienced in the "art" of blowdrying hair. so.. don't judge my face, but the haircut :p And Katy; reply anonymously if you have to, but ifyou see this replllllllly. (Miss- I'm-in-Thailand, too good to email) (erm.... I tried to send you one the other day and it wouldn't send; presumably I got your address wrong :p)

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Awwwww, aren't you adorable!!!!! :D :D And I must say, I'm very jealous of your lips! You have very nice lips! :)

uhm, hehe, thank you :p
Yo Girlfriend!!

Its me "the mean one" - I think your fringe looks lovely. A nice change, why not eh? They grow out so quickly anyway that you don't need to worry if you're not fond of it. Anyway, I like it. So there! You do indeed look softy-cutey. Hey I want a hug!! Miss you loads....Kx