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funny dream...

Last night I had a dream that I was running around "Toys 'R' Us" wearing only a too-small yellow towel, trying to find a bass guitar, upon not finding it I tried to get back to the public baths,(woo, ancient Roman styleeeee) but I had to run away from the police, who wanted my autograph. I ended up in some sweet-back-alleys where I met up with most of the Libertines, who couldn't find Gary and so needed a bass Player. Carlos said he "liked my towel" (with no conotations whatsoever, in the same tone you might use to say you liked someone's new shirt) and leant me Gary's Bass, then the phone started ringing just as we were about to rock the joint.

Poxy phone.... ruined my libs dream. Though.. wish I had had a bigger towel.

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