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"But I'm thinking about growing a big, black mustache..."

hehe, rewatching Firefly (specifically, War Stories) And well, everytime I hear Simon say that line I just get such a mental image (I actually paused and made this mid-episode, so I'll go back to it now :P
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OMG I love that! It's one of my favorite moments in the whole series. Sigh.
ahh, it's a classic...

Ah, hours of fun...

(well.. until google runs out of moustaches anyway!!! *manic searching* actually.. erm.. three is enough, any more and if I meet him I won't be able to look him in the eye >>)
I think there should be more simon-moustache montages >>

On which note...

hehe, I am far too bored.
Makes me think "Ol' Simon's Sippin' whisky, for coooold nights in the black!" or some such advertising slogan... :P

I probably have too much time on my hands when I start copy and pasting moustaches onto Firefly characters... (Somewhere I swear there's an extra where mal and Zoe have them, surely I'm not imagining this?)
Nope, you're perfectly sane. Gag reel footage from "Out of Gas." Hysterical.
ah, thought I'd lost it for a second there ;)

I love so many little things about this series; the three switches for instance; watch Wash and whenever he gets told to do anything he flips them, they're the "get into action" switches...
It's ont he gag reel - because Alan Tudyk had a mustache to start with or something, so Nathan and Gina were sporting fake ones as a joke. :)

Actually, he looks ok with a mustache. Normally I don't like facial hair that much. But it's those eyes of his - makes up for it ;) LOL
XD I warn you now; if he's at Serenity there WILL be a battle ;P

... which I'll win...
of course. ;)
Psh, yeah right ;) In your wildest dreams, brat ;)

XD *takes out Vera* bring it ;)