Love goes cold in the shades of doubt (aphrop) wrote,
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just about done....

ha. fucking. ha. I want the passwords to my freaking host, I swear; "" doesn't always load my image; sometmes I think it loads an advertisement instead? I just saw a completely random thing in the little.. bottom bar thing.

I will get Pete to come up (again.) and give me the host address (again) and put in the usernames/pass (again.) then I can load my images onto the server and they'll both appear faster and.. actually appear.

the Joy!

LJ is being odd, kept messing up my colours so have to redo links.....

[edit: well, that took about 2 minutes, not 100% sure about colour for my weak accent (blue top bar) but from now on anything I do is really just fine tweaking/extra vanity ;) ]
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