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Done... and now to bed!

Well, I'd like to do more BUT it's 6:15AM and I haven't slept yet. o.O why is it I ALWAYS start playing with HTML at night, why can I never get interested in coding up my sites/journals during the DAY? It really is like my "secret hobby" which I show people the end results of but which they assume I just found and gacked (seriously, my sister asked me where I got most of my GJ icons from, to which I replied, in a leadened tone, that I made them, yes, even the animated ones. It's odd, I seem to have lost some icons, as in.. I simply can't find them on my hard drive, well; have probably got them in use of a various Greatestjournal (whee for 1000 free icons/pictures!) so they're not totally lost....

Every time I try and change one thing it messes up the whole darn thing.....(That said, tomorrow I might try and do a neat-o border for my entries/change font (just to prove I can; I'm only pimping up this journal so I know I can do it, I was looking at free_elite, this lj comm for free user layouts and well, I want basically to have or to have made at some point, all the aspects that to them make a good layout, even if I then remove them. It's all a complex text that will oneday lead to be being fluent in html!!!! (At least I now a) can write a basic page, b) type things like the italics form automatically c) can do some basic frames, d) know hex codes, what they are, far easier more versatile way to get them than from a code (I mean, doy! psp's colour chart; anything you could imagine! with the hex at the bottom!) d) now basic html tags...

Now I just wanna figure out how you make layouts with several images to make up one bigger image, as seen in most paid user layouts but which I've also seen in some free ones (As I've said, it's amazing how much versatility you actually DO get from a free account, it just requres S1 and lots of merging of your global heads. Hehe, that sounded a little rude.)

Any hoo, after spending like.. 2 and a half hours on this layout, (and it still looks this bad!) you could always, y'know, look at it ;)

Anyway, yes.. SLEEP NOW

but one more thing; Yay, I may not be going to Reading or Leeds (*cries*) but I AM getting Up The Bracket and it should be arriving in a few days (ordered it a few days ago now.... or rather Pete did, because he knows how play works and has a Credit card, so I get to pay him back.... ) and that's not all, oh no... The Libertines (self titled) is coming out on Monday, and, and, and, Johnny Depp is starring in a film called the Libertine, to be released autumn/winter this year :P how's that for fun >> Actually, to be fair... the film is about an Earl's Debauchery, and not my "favourite band" at all, but hell, it's a good name!

yes, well.. lookie my layout, no one but livejournal people can appreciate it, as none of my family/friends has even had an interest in html, let alone lj "html"

And if anyone cares; Katy, my sister, keeps mocking me by saying my favourite band has a song with her name and not mine, I would like the record to show I a) do not care and that b) it's about a girl that broke the guy's heart really cruelly, so she can have it. :p
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