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meh, I'm just blabbering now

Well, first of all; "Up the Bracket" came this morning (Glee!) I've made my comments links funkadelic (No matter what I do I can't seem to make an image appear between them, it just.. makes my comment links disappear, as it is I've just got them to flip in a way that I've always wondered how to do and now know.

This weekend I'm going shopping in a whole "new area" of shopping; first of all I'm going to the army surplus place and looking for some sort of. heavy duty combat style trousers, patches, a bag, just sort of.. general slightly grungey looking stuff, and then some other time I might be going to a thrift store ^^"/the vintage clothing store in Pokesdown; "Clobber" heh. Also; if I have it my way I will make a stop at the Thai Supermarket (Which also sells Japanese/Chinese stuff) and buy some pocky and Hello Pandas ^^

Ah, I'm planning such a cheap-ass weekend...

(My secret motive for going to the army store is looking for a Coldstream Guard's tunic ^^" (under the cut)

(Yes, I am a loser...)
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