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Back at school...

uuuugh I'm tired; I'm so so sleepy, I just want to sleep for days on end, but I've got to go into school tomorrow, not only that but it's MATHS first lesson... Ugh, saturdays= not as good as they used to. Fridays start with DOUBLE french though, so that makes Saturdays look more appealing.

Saturdays ALSO finish with a double study period or "Personal Study" which we can use for anything we like, as long as we organise it before first break on Friday; we can do art, go to the computer room, library, music room etc, or just go to our allocated classroom, unfortunately there's no skiving out of it, as there's register taken; a shame, because the last two lessons of saturday could have been NICE to miss, as it is I'll have 80 minutes of pretty much nothing to do every week, as if I'm gonna do prep I do it in the evenings... meh... maybe will revise chemistry flame test colours/preciptate colours for the test thing (Can't believe Mr Shaw is setting us up for a test 2 days into the new term) which should take a coupla minutes, really as there're only about 6 things to learn on each and then.. erm, I suppose I should write my french.. well.. not essay, paragraph.. 50 words on what I did in my holiday (The kind of thing I was so good at writing in English when I was about 7 but am so bad at writing in French when I'm 15.)

Hmm.. well, what else; my art wasn't too bad, he said I need to do a little thinking on what I'm going to do my first drawing on and that this first one should really focus on my abilities at just that; drawing, eep, has no one told him I SUCK at life-like drawing? I can begin to draw buildings, possibly plants, but what I'm doing requires well.. probably humans and some real talent I'm not so sure I have. I've only tried to draw a human in a life-like way once (Urgh, self-portrait) and the couple of people who have seen it HAVE surrendered the fact that it looks like me without being prompted.

And now Mr Lloyd knows I can develop photographs and, I fear, thinks I can do it well, how do I break it to the man that I-ain't-all-that-and-a-bag-of-potato-chips? how will I tell him that none of my pictures are actually relevant? well.. maybe the one with teh hooded sitter on a bench.. it's kind of.. dark/gloomy could have several "layers" to it.. hmm... I'm not so sure what I'm going to do, I might have a couple of pictures i could look at/consider using, I'll have to look around at some of my thingumies......

Well, there's more, but I'm sleepy and want to take a look for some images before going to bed at some ridiculously early time, I was promising myself I'd be in bed by 9:30, not in a bad punishing way but in a "just carry on for now and I'll let you have an early night" sort of way, anyway.. yes..

Plus; have to come in for whole school service on Saturday, the fact that I don't follow the schools religion makes no appearance in the arguement, (fair enough really as I DID decide to go there..)

In closing; I am sleepy.

Oh, and I have Pete's Firefly and I'm not giving it back! muhahaha, at least not until I'm sated with watching it.
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