Love goes cold in the shades of doubt (aphrop) wrote,
Love goes cold in the shades of doubt

whee, I got a new phone today! Before anyone (mostly Katy; miss you by the way!) thinks this is incredibly spoilt, please be aware that my old one died. I was quite sad as not altogether THAT long ago I spent a not small sum on purchasing a really cool personalised cover for it, and now when I turn it on... it's ok but as soon as I try to phone anyone it switches off, I switch it back on, check battery is full, plug it into mains, try to call.. it switches off... so that's pretty poo.

Anyway, this is why.. I now have.. this...

Yup, isn't pretty? and shiny? and Aluminium? and it's sooo light and and... It's got a camera... and polyphonic ring tones... and.. well, it actually only has like 5 ringtones, but they're pretty! and my dad is jealous because he's even gone so far as to look online for an "old phone" ring thing and mine has it :p

Anyway... phones generally bore me a little bit... I'm not currently sure whether I will keep this sim card with a new number or get my old sim card with my.. old... number. Will still be able to use old phone for recieving/ sending texts, and will update people on my new number as and when it becomes apparent whether I am changing (Katy, you will be sure to be emailed. On that note; we haven't actually GOT matt's Thai number as 1471 said it couldn't find it, so maybe you could email us it or something..)

I also got some new jeans and some of those pretty Indian-slipper things... which I would upload a picture of but.. I'm too lazy and I can't get a decent one. but suffice to say, they are light pink and have lots of beading on them and aren't as weird as they sound. they're very very pretty, but also kinda.. trendy and go with jeans AND skirts and can be smart OR "cool"/messy. Ah, I love multifunctional shoes... plus, they weren't very expensive. I fully intend on buying every colour imaginable as soon as possible. (And perhaps getting some for christmas.)

Ah, I feel spoilt. *glee*

I'm sure I had something of actual value to say, but can't for the life of me think what it was. :P

So.. Harriet's birthday tomorrow.... goin' to Thorpe Park....

I miss Katy....

that is all.

What Harry Potter character will you find under your bed? by kaitkaitkait
WhoSeverus Snape
You say:"You really know how to make an entrance, don't you?"
He says:"I'm going to kill Fred. I KNEW this wasn't the right way to Honeydukes."
He comes out, holding adust bunnie.
You react bymaking tea.
And have the most fantastic sex imaginable, every night for the rest of your lives.
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So that was slightly odd.

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