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Silly rant.

Fan fiction writers seem to LOVE writing about their character's "swollen lips" that they recieve from passionate kisses, can I just verbalise a thought that's kind of been plagueing me?

How the hell hard do you have to kiss for THAT to happen? I mean, yes, I understand that many of these stories include slightly "violent" or "turbulent" relationships, but.. come on people... look at your lips in a mirror, bite them, look at the difference, bite them harder.. look at the difference.. not that much really, is it? and that's BITING.

Therefore, I feel our chracters (specifically those engaging in relationships of a slashy nature) should be careful not to burst their "swollen lips", have them fall off their face due to their immense weight, or, indeed, simply wipe them off their face in their "engorged passion" (hahaha, I used the word engorged, most cliche'd romance word EVAR!!!221!!!!7!)

anyway.. back to slash.. (Mmmm 'pron")

If anyone wonders, I am reading Sunrises" By.. erm.. "julia the younger?" which up until now wasn't so bad, but then they mentioned swollen lips and all went a bit too cliche for my liking.

Also, why does Harry never just LISTEN when people say "we can't have a relationship!" he always pushes himself petulantly away from the wall/desk he's just been snogged mercilessly against and says "why" in a pouty/whingy way. HELLO your childish inability to take instruction is why! Just once, realise that a) you're being "abused" by an older, often male, character, or, B) Realise there is more to life than your oversized labido, consider the fact that Snape/Lupin/Sirius-back-from-the-

"-Dead (what a pointless lj cut, lmao) could in fact be arrested if they pursue your err.. activity of choice.

And besides; if you're planning on keeping (this is specifically to those interested in writing Snape) your chracter IC realise that that most grown men/women have more self control than to shove a bespectacled boy against a wall and that, if they don't, they're not gonna give him the confirmatory "taster" and then pull away saying "but no my love, we shouldn't..." come on; you've commited the ungodly sin of chan, you've pulled the chracters completely ooc anyway, go all the way, what's one more felony to your name, heathen fic'ers!!!

-Helen- (Who once mary-sued herself as Harry Potter's super-powerful-forgotten-twin-sister-who-had-been-living-in-a-french-orphanage-for-16-years-yet-had-not-learned-french and who then turned out to be the Heir of Ravenclaw despite their being no sensible links to this being the case!) (Hey, I was young ok, and I never published it... I may have even deleted it..) (I made it ok in my mind by saying "It's not meeeee, she just has the same name as me because it SOUNDS right!") (And of course, she had the typically "sparkly-moon" last name, which I will not condemn to the world of mary-Sue)
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