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Music when the Lights go out

Love goes cold in the shades of doubt

Love goes cold in the shades of doubt
14 April
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Hi there, I'm a crazy insane Hobbit-lover with a penchant for Geekboys, Alan Cummings
Role-play and Fanfiction (I've been a member of "the darkside" for a while now:aka: Slash)
And never forgetting of course, many other activities also listed on "The 10 Geekiest Past-Times"
So I'm afraid it is now Sadly official.

If anyone cares I have now changed my name to Helldor: The Barbarian,
although just Helldor is fine ;)

I'm a teenager and as such have your typical "teenage Angst" if I vent it
here; deal with it, more often than not though I will do so in my private journal,
if you are privelaged to have the link to such
do me a favour; don't spread it, or it's content, around.
I'm open-minded and happy to make new-friends so feel free to add me
if you so desire (for some mad reason I am unable to comprehend)
That's all for right now I suppose ^^"

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